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Nothing is more humbling and exciting as getting a positive testimonial from current or previous clients.  It gives me a sense of pride to be able to share some of the heartwarming testimonials i have received.

I've seen Tasneem Kassam for six sessions and she has made a profound impact on my wellbeing. It's so refreshing to meet a therapist who "gets" me so well. She balances listening with education. I love my weekly homework and I understand how it builds on what we've done previously to get results. I asked Tas to pay attention to the process with me, so at the end of each session we talk about what went well, if there's anything additional I want and what we're going to focus on next session so I always know how things are progressing. Tas is the best therapist I've ever seen, and I'm so grateful to her!! - M.F.

I have been seeing with Tasneem Kassam for 2 years now and wanted to share my sincere gratitude for her assistance in my self-development, sharing with me her outstanding skill set and for her genuine support. Tasneem's knowledge and tactics is one of a kind and she is able to truly listen and connect. She has helped me uncover my deepest self and bring to light issues, allowing me to become the best version of myself. I would highly recommend Tasneem to anyone who is needing to step into themselves more and create the life they desire. - E.H.

When I first came to see Tas, I wasn't really open to the idea of counseling. I had tried other practitioners and not been able to find what I was looking for.
With Tas, I immediately felt comfortable, as if I was talking to an old friend. She has challenged and supported me in both my personal and professional life and is really a driving force behind my ability to continue moving forward no matter what today's challenges may bring. - C.M.

I get to see Tas for a few sessions per month to go over personal challenges, succeses and just general evaluation.. and without her I wouldn't be so clear-minded and have such a positive outlook on the direction I'm headed. She's really good at making you realize your priorities and any road blocks you may have. Im super thankful for all of her support and being there when most needed! Thank you!!!! - A.L.

I’ve had the pleasure to talk to Tas and I’m so glad I did! Tas is an absolutely phenomenal help and she really went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and heard. I would most definitely recommend Tas and her services. I am truly grateful I had the opportunity to meet with her and discuss anything on my mind with no judgment! - G.D.

I absolutely love Tas! Her soothing voice and helpful advice has helped me so much. I never really believed in any previous counselling sessions, until I met her! - K.S

Tasneem? Tasneem gives you that warm genuine experience from the moment you hop onto a video conference call to even walking through the door. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with Tasneem this past year and there’s no question that Tasneem’s professionalism and wisdom exhibited is unparalleled. Tasneem is able to see things from a perspective that not only continues to benefit my endeavors but also is instrumental in me gaining clarity and holding myself accountable. I cannot recommend Tasneem enough! - M.P.

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